Little Tern

By Michael Martin On May 29, 2015 · Add Comment · Little Tern

The bank holiday deserves a special trip out, you know the thing, a picnic something to drink in the flask or maybe hot soup in the flask, you know its going to rain but we had planned a trip on The Little Tern.

Last weekends  trip down to Hickling Broad proved to be no exception but it is Norfolk and there is so much to see and do. No time like the present the boat trip on the Broad was duly booked and off we went.

“That sky looks ominous” familiar chat on the short journey down from the coast to Hickling, however, there was no turning back, after-all we were to be six of the eight on board.

Norfolk, The Broads, Hickling Broad, Boattrips, bird watching
waiting for a boat

The Little Tern is an Eco-friendly electric powered open topped wooden boat, a great platform to admire the wild life.

We saw Herons, Black-Headed Gulls, Canada Geese, Egyptian Geese, Mallards, Little Terns and a Marsh Harrier soaring over the canopy also a delightful family of Swans hung around a while hoping for some scraps from the passengers on board…

Swans, Cygnets, Birdwatching, Hickling, The Broads
Swan and Cygnets on Hickling Broad

Alas the pack up was safely stowed and the offerings were bleak.

A detour landed us on an island where our guide took the party to a tree top platform to admire the huge scale of this man made wilderness.

We managed the whole trip with hardly a drop of rain so decided to sit on the river bank and enjoy the pack up before making the short fifteen minute stroll over well managed board walks back to the visitors centre.

The heavens opened and we were soaked, but hey ho its Norfolk

Such an enjoyable day out I decided on the managerial decision to join the Norfolk Wildlife Trust before setting off home to Barn & Beach.

Little Tern
Little Tern

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