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By Michael Martin On April 14, 2016 · Add Comment · L – Logs

Logs feature frequently at my rural idyll, allotmenteering, growing flowers and vegetables and operating a small holiday business and Bed & Breakfast are all weather dependent and when it turns to winter and the northerly wind comes down from the Urals, its time to take shelter.

At the Barn I have two log burners and this has developed an obsession with logs. How time get them, who has the best? how to store them it is a vital part of well being out here on the coast.

Yesterday I took delivery of a couple of cubic meters that will hopefully be laid down and stored for next winter…

Meadowside Barn B&B Norfolk Seaside
Meadowside Barn B&B

The barn is a large open plan, almost cavernous space that needs a lot of ooommpphh to heat it up and heated it must be, with guests heading out of the cities looking for an escape to the country there is nothing more pleasing for them than arriving to find a big old log burner glowing and welcoming…

The Log Store
The Log Store

Logs Delivery

It takes about two hours to store this lot but I’m happy with them and my store is now full. The design of the store and positioning is perfect and will allow the coastal winds to dry the logs out in time for next Autumn when the nights begin to draw in.

However, sometimes I can feel ‘Logs’ envy, take a look at these ‘Pyrenean’ style stores I spotted at East Ruston Old Vicarage a couple of miles south of me…

East Ruston Old Vicarage
East Ruston Old Vicarage

Log StoresPyrenean They are truly works of art, logs n blogs things that are pressing in my mind as April rolls along, Spring is here and as with all things Plants, Produce & Pondering I have to plan ahead.

See you tomorrow when I’m having a day out at a working Water Mill….Norfolk.



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  1. Your posts are taking me back to when, growing up, I lived closer to the seasons. I’ve now got a little garden but it seems to gain a lot of timber.. the trees grow well. I’ve been thinking of a log store and this post has helped me work out what I need for it. Thanks.

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