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If you are a certain age and grew up on these fair Isles you will fondly remember Song Thrushes in the garden and the Lapwing on the field. Both of these birds are truly beautiful and unfortunately now exceedingly rare, can you remember your last glimpse of either?

I have had no opportunity to photograph the Lapwing, (in Norfolk it is commonly known as the Peeweet, imitative of its call).  I have therefore ‘lifted’ a couple of shots which are credited to the owners




In Spring we hope to see the Lapwing with its beautiful plumage, head quiff and erratic flight pattern on the surrounding fields and farmland, Barn & Beach is surrounded by acres of open land, however, we rarely do.

The statistic is worth considering in conjunction with the E – Ecotourism blog written as part of the A to Z Challenge. How do we live in harmony with the environment, promoting tourism and the natural world? Some research into the Lapwing gave the following findings which may help explain the downturn in numbers;-



lapwing_chick John_Harding_bto@body.jpg

*Mixed tenure of arable land
* Suitable proximity to grazed land for foraging
*switching of spring and autumn sown crops
*Use of fertiliser and pesticides
* Climate change
*fewer fallow plots
* predators increasing in numbers



It would be fabulous if our visitors were able to spot the Lapwing and maybe photograph it too. You can spot them on the marshes at Cley in aerial combat with a marsh harrier if you are truly lucky. I witnessed this on a tour of Heigham Holmes in June 2012, it was a joy to watch them protect the eggs and young nested on the ground below.

On some of the reserves you will encounter these beautiful birds, wouldn’t it be real progress to see them on the farms and fields in the surrounding countryside?



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