K – Keswick (as in Bacton, Bromholm & Keswick)

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On the doorstep this one not more than 500 meters away and you couldn’t pin point it with a map, its a bit confusing, tricky even. Bacton is the neighbouring village to Barn & Beach, Walcott is where the Beach Houses are mainly located then there is a strip in the middle where the Kewsick Hotel stands;-

Bacton Bromholm & Keswick Norfolk
Keswick Hotel 

The building just to the right is the Poachers Pocket pub Bacton, which is on the Walcott border, confused? me too.

It does exist, those awfully clever chaps across at Wiki acknowledge it Wikipedia it is described as a settlement on the parish of Bacton.

What it does have aside from the Hotel is lovely beaches of golden sand, huge empty fields waiting to be re-cultivated following the storm surge of December 5th 2013, the field in the foreground of the hotel was in the sea! which is 500 meters away..drama, soon to be concealed by mother nature, summer visitors and maybe some well tended crops, amazing how quickly things repair themselves and our busy lives move on.

A beautiful Norfolk Beach

 The beaches are the real Norfolk bucket and spade getaways for many families from the South-East and East  Midlands.
Surprisingly empty, they are great places to enjoy traditional family fun of the variety posted in two of  our  ‘Barn &  Beach’  previous entries in the A to Z Challenge; B&D  Barns, Beaches and Blogs and Days out with the Dog 


If you want to get the smog of the city out of your hair, the tranquility slow pace and golden sand that make  up Keswick life are certainly a good place to begin… Enjoy Norfolk


Bacton Bromholm Keswick Villages
Bacton, Bromholm & Keswick village sign

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