K – Kerry Hill Sheep

By Michael Martin On April 13, 2016 · Add Comment · K – Kerry Hill Sheep

KerryHill are a breed of domestic sheep originating from wales  in the county of Powys. I was very lucky to get to meet some in my ‘home’* county of Norfolk the other day.

A smallholder and professional gardener ‘Steph’ has a flock of Kerry Hill Sheep living on her smallholding in a Warren near Trunch, North Norfolk.

Warren, kerryhill sheep, Spring Lambs
The Warren

The flock of ewes are in Lamb, when I arrived I was lucky to see eight newborns to three different mothers. Kerry Hill Sheep are thriving in North Norfolk.

In the OrchardLambApparently the optimum number of Lambs per ewe are two, so a couple of sets of triplets were creating a few worries in the Warren.

There are a further nine ewes waiting to come into the grange as I write it looks like Steph is in for a busy Spring.

One of the great joys of rural living, working the Allotment is the variety of people you get to meet and after a period of time even get to know. Smallholders are a group that particularly interest me at this moment as I try to glean information and make decisions as to whether its the next step in my ‘Independence’ 

The KerryHill/Warren ‘experience’ certainly makes one realize its a very difficult and demanding task to be a smallholder, but on the plus it looks rather rewarding;

KerryHill, Sheep, Norfolk
Flock of Kerry Hill Sheep

* Adopted Home, I’m not from round ‘ere as the locals are keen to point out!








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  1. Looking forward to hearing all about your smallholding experience. You’re obviously headed that way. When I meet people who remind me I’m not from round ‘ere I just remember all the amazing places I’ve lived, people I’ve met, things I’ve done and smile.

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