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The centre of Norwich, a City that provides many compelling attractions, including first class shops, restaurants and bars, historic buildings and attractive walks, is home to Jarrold, in London Street since 1823. The oldest private businesses in the City, possibly?

Jarrolds, Norwich
Jarrold Store

Not renowned for our enthusiasm of retail therapy at Barn & Beach, an item selected  that the Beach House definitely needs well a random item picked, coat hooks, you know the type that hang over the door without needing permanent fixing that was the mission to find in the five floor, fifty department, flagship department store, easy peasy…

Well erm, there are a lot of distractions in these stores, starting in the basement there is a lovely deli and kitchen store, all the food gadgets that you definitely need in the kitchen but never use; it is like Aladdin’s cave, oozing style and beautiful shiny things, it is distracting, the lighting is fantastic shiny and fluorescent the glass sparkles.

Five Floors of Merchadise
Five Floors of Merchandise


The merchandise is the finest up on the ground floor there  are pens fabulous Mont Blanc, Parker, no Bics however, ironic enquiry for one is met with a warm smile and a quick
“try our stationery store further down the street”. More than just this store they
have a number of outlets across the region, including a sport shop.

The problem with this simple retail exercise is sticking to the mission, there is so much to see, you start to imaging that beautiful rug, on the second floor, on the Barn floor, the bedding in the holiday homes, everything stylized and displayed by true professionals, oh how we could improve our brand.

So in true fashion the task forgotten, the store browsed, the lifts tried, the escalators preferred, what a labyrinth, now wondering if there is a Landranger outdoor leisure series to get you round, trig points, grid references, its no good its gone, a ray of natural light spotted and you are back out on the street….. then you see it across the way….

Thorns DIY Norwich
Thorns DIY ran a fabulous twitter campaign a couple of years ago


Apparently there is nothing you can’t find in Thorns, coat hooks…. “No problem sir”





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