Horsey Mill

By Michael Martin On April 09, 2015 · Add Comment · Horsey Mill

Horsey, Seals, North Norfolk
Horsey Beach North Norfolk

Lying in wait behind the dunes a colony of hundreds of grey seals are watchful and aware of their human audience.

Thousands of people flock to this wild exposed beach annually now since the arrival of the colony in recent years.

Probably an extension of the famous colony on the point at Blakeney that can be visited and viewed on one of the numerous boat trips from Morston harbour.

If you wish to make the journey?

North Norfolk coast
Ravaged Sea Defence

try the National Trust car park out at the windmill (Horsey Mill); a great view point if you wish to see the canopy of the Broads a man made wilderness this is the spot.

You can then walk out across the salt marshes over the dunes and down the beach to the seals, there are two advantages to this route, it is not the choice of the hordes, you see much more of this unique environment and therefore hopefully take home a richer reward in memories.

Take only photographs, leave only footprints, Visit Norfolk.




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