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Barn & Beach

Property management can take many forms, at Barn & Beach we a concerned with the holiday property market, but not en-mass.

With many of the traditional holiday companies, for example, Hoeseasons Holidays, now being absorbed into larger groups there are echoes of the brewing trade in the air.

When we think of the number of independent breweries there were in the UK in the 1970’s and how many now remain in 2011 and the size of that industry it is hardly surprising that that the biggest growth industry in the United Kingdom, tourism, today is attracting the attention of speculators.

I use the analogy of brewing, as that was my former career, before I quit London and headed to my spiritual home ‘Norfolk’. I am looking for the slow way, a movement-gathering pace across the country.

With towns, firstly, Ludlow and nearer to home Aylsham and Diss now accredited with the appellation of ‘Slow’, it can be applied to Slow city, urban reflections of the slow food concept: thoughtful places which value peace and quiet.

On the North Norfolk coast slowness comes naturally, we have the ‘quiet lanes’ where driving is considered secondary behind the pedestrian and the cyclist. Our towns are not overly cloned, as most of the towns of England are becoming, anytown anywhere will have the same retail park, detailing et al, the high street will not reveal any great surprises the names and logos are becoming identical where ever you visit.

So how do we apply it to the holiday market? We have set our business plan to confine us geographically to a few square miles on the coast, Bacton & Keswick, Walcott, Ridlington and Happisburgh, these are the villages where Barn & Beach want to be to manage properties for individual home owners who let their property to holiday makers visiting this beautiful part of the world.

By confining ourselves geographically we will minimise our carbon foot print, we aim to remain slow, get round on a bike when we can to inspect the portfolio, ensure the holidaymakers are comfortable and be there for some friendly local advice.

Norfolk property management services can hopefully remain in the hands of the small players; there are enough local skilled tradesmen, gardeners and domestics to go round. There is a willingness, not myopia, to remain local. At Barn & Beach we intend to use local craft and skill to manage the growing market of holiday properties on the coast.

If you have a holiday home you would like us to promote please contact us

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