Happy New Year

By Michael Martin On January 04, 2017 · Add Comment · Happy New Year

Happy New Year; I just checked the Environment agency site, it reminded me of the panto line “its behind you”.

Flood Warning, January, New Year, Norfolk

Out cleaning at Beach House this morning the tide was reaching peak, it was already hurdling the seawall down in the village and the flood wardens were out in force.

The departing guests from two of our Beach Houses were out on the wall filming and photographing the beauty of the force of nature.

I have another guest staying at Sandbank until Saturday, the lady messaged me earlier to say how delighted she was that the waves were hitting the side. We do boast at Barn & Beach that Sandbank is as close as you can stay to the sea on the Norfolk coast  without actually falling in…

Sandbank, Bacton, Norfolk, Barn & Beach
Sandbank on the Sea Wall at Bacton

Me, I worry, the guests, landlubbers to a man, love it, they shriek and skip and dance, how the surging tide delights and thrills our winter guests.

Off back to the industrial heartlands the big cities with stories of waves, winds and tides; you can hear them thrilling stories to their families and colleagues and you know, its great publicity; it brings them back time after time…so maybe I shouldn’t worry so much about the winter weather and stick to my guns or hashtag #VisitNorfolkinWinter I use it on twitter on my @barnandbeach page as often as I can.

We have truly become a year round destination the wild winter now attracting a great many guests to experience the wild North Norfolk coast at its wildest.

When it comes to the wind. well the panto adage “its behind you” is where I want it to stay at this time of year.

Happy New Year all!


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