H – H2O (Water)

By Michael Martin On April 09, 2016 · Add Comment · H – H2O (Water)

H2O; “Water water everywhere and not a drop to drink”
Since I was allocated my allotment the one thing that has been a constant theme in the discussions I hear is the weather or more importantly ‘the rain’.

Last year the rain was a big player it was exceptionally wet, we scarcely had two dry days back to back, so my first full year of ‘allotmenteering‘ (I had half a year the year before which went, erm swimmingly, sorry) was a bit of a wash out. All of the planning and preparation slowly dissolved in puddles of very heavy and mostly unworkable soil. Although I did grow some superb Pumpkins!

This Spring 2016 has started better I have now turned and weeded by hand two thirds of my plot, I have first early potatoes in and if it stays dry tomorrow I will plant ‘second earlies’ and some runner beans where I have already prepared the beds.

tractor, norfolk
Tractor on the Beach

My allotment is approximately 500 meters from the beach which in these lowlands of Norfolk can lead to further unexpected issues of the alluvial kind. In November 2007 and again in December 2013 the sea jumped the wall at Walcott and flooded the surrounding area as far as a mile inland.

This link from a local newspaper
following the 2013 floods

And this from a national
following the 2007 floods
give a reasonable accounts of life in this corner of the world where severe winter storms lash the exposed coastline.

The images in the links above convey what has become a national crisis; this winter much of northern England has suffered flooding from excessive rain. Insurance has become difficult to afford and protection/investment is also diminishing.

So whilst I concern myself as to whether this year I will grow good crops and have the beautiful colours and produce I see in my minds eye, they are very small concerns in the bigger picture as to the future of North Norfolk and Barn & Beach its inhabitants and guests.



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