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Here’s a thing, I never knew that the other side of the river from Great Yarmouth was another town, the town/port of ‘Gorleston-on-Sea’ I tried to get a local to do a guest blog on this one but had to pop over to see for myself, I do like ports, boats and all things nautical so it wasn’t a hardship.

The lighthouse or maybe a shipping lane signal? stands a little set back on the quayside, I was fascinated but couldn’t find anyone to ask about its history, a gloomy

Gorleston, Great Yarmouth, norfolk
Lighthouse or Traffic Light?

April day meant the port was deserted the car park empty and the RNLI

shop closed until Easter I had clearly picked the wrong day for my adventure….

These are not negatives as I could sense that in season this place will be busy and has character to satisfy an adventurous  family day out by the seaside.

I had chosen/downloaded a walk from the Love Gorleston website, I got distracted and didn’t complete the whole circuit, however, I did find my way through the pier hotel, nice menu, and down onto the sands.

There were a few kite flyers and the golden sands spread out wide from the mouth of the Yare to the south; bet it is packed on a hot summers afternoon, truly lovely beach.

Gorleston Beach, Great Yarmouth Norfolk
Gorleston Beach Pier hotel in the background

Exiting the beach I climbed up onto the pier where a couple of salty old seadogs, who may have traded trawler for rod, enjoyed a natter a cigarette and a flask of something or other… “caught owt” I enquired “nah” …they never have, same in Walcott always the same, like a secret club that keeps its best bits for those in the know.

Early April Gorleston-on-Sea is certainly harbouring secrets of its own, I do think this is one to return to when it warms up in May, I liked it



Great Yarmouth, river Yare, gorlseton
Working Port

Lifeboat. Gorleston-on-Sea


3 thoughts on “Gorleston-on-Sea”

  1. You went and had an adventure. Was it the wrong day? I don’t think so. You’d have had a different adventure on a sunny busy day when it was open that’s all. I love the idea of the secret club..

  2. Thank you for bringing Norfolk to my attention via the AtoZ challenge. Being Down Under I’ll have to save my pennies for a visit!

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