G – Gin (Norfolk Gin)

By Michael Martin On April 08, 2016 · Add Comment · G – Gin (Norfolk Gin)

Today I have a second guest blog from a local Artisan whom I follow on twitter. Jonathan is a Gin producer, please enjoy his blog sensibly..

Norfolk Gin
Norfolk Gin

For Barn and Beach  – Mar 16

Flavour and taste at its best – Norfolk Gin

Hello my name is Jonathan and I make Norfolk Gin.  It first went on 
sale on world gin day 2015. Since then it has kept me busy. The rules 
of gin are simple, it must be predominately flavoured with juniper and 
be at least 37.5% ABV. That freedom appealed to me and when looking at 
(and tasting) some of the gins available and talking to some of 
companies making them I decided to have a go.

Early experimentation produced some mediocre, some horrible and some 
interesting gins. Finally after many months and over 50 recipes 
Norfolk Gin was born. From the beginning I decided on stone bottles, 
just like old dutch gins. Very glad I did too as people seem to really 
love them. I am not an artist or designer so found a lady called Kerry 
who did all the excellent artwork.  Her work really helps to sell the 
Gin; the flavour and taste brings them back.

Norfolk Gin is made in Norfolk, in a small pine clad studio, I do it 
all by hand carefully managing the various stages to ensure 
consistency across batches. I play lots of different music to the Gin 
and like to think the vibrations bringing out the soul in the Gin. Once 
it is tested it goes into its individually marked bottles and is ready 
to be enjoyed.

Norfolk Gin is only sold through independent wine merchants and 
retailers. They and the landlords and landladies who look after 
Norfolk Gin in their pubs bars and hotels are my partners and 
champions. Family and friends have been hugely supportive despite 
having to sample some very dubious drinks in the early days .

As to the future; it is about sticking to the recipe and keeping it 
small and special for Norfolk.


One thought on “G – Gin (Norfolk Gin)”

  1. Brilliant choice for G! Jonathan’s given you a classic post.
    I’m a bit particular about my gin and didn’t realise why till I read this. I’m obviously drawn to those who like the same music as I do. Now I need to try some. Love the choice of containers too.

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