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A National Trust estate situated within a short drive of Barn & Beach (NR11 8PR), We are lucky to have six local National Trust locations in near proximity, prizes if you can name them all?

Felbrigg is large estate, however, Barn & Beach only really like to make a pilgrimage on half a dozen occasions a year, taking in all four seasons, to visit the beautiful walled gardens.

Felbrigg, North Norfolk
Espalier Pear tree at Felbrigg

Yesterday we made the most of the AtoZ Challenge day off, visiting the gardens and getting out and about photographing various Norfolk village signs. So glad to have made the most of the Spring weather as today it is raining heavily on the Barn roof as I write.

The walled garden is splendid throughout the year and for this reason we visit Spring, Summer, Autumn and winter to see the different hats it wears.

Yesterday, early spring was a good opportunity to see the bones, down to the skeleton, with a few shoots starting to show us the coming glory. Some spring colour was evident of course the blossom on trees, Euphorbia, Tulips in vivid reds, Primroses delicate and bright yellow, Wallflowers scattered here and there among the beginnings of the vegetable plots

Felbrigg, Noroflk Gardens
Blossom at Felbrigg Spring day 2014


Rhubabrb, artichokes, leeks, parsley, curly Kale and Chard all look strong as we come out from winters darkness. A small selection of the fruits to follow, Strawberry plants and Gooseberry bushes showing strongly whilst the frames for fruit cane are already in place, such efficient gardeners that the National Trust are.

The other surprise is that not all of the walled garden gardening is carried out by the trust and in among the rows and aisles are at least ten allotments, a charming and creative way to bring local people into the fold.

Interesting to read that one couple who are the innovators of www.inspiretowrite.co.uk have one of the plots and openly admit they are looking for hardy specimens that can look after themselves whilst they are off doing there thing around France and Spain, truly itinerant gardeners…. wonder if they are doing the A to Z challenge? will definitely look them up.

You can spend the best part of the day in this wonderful space, it is sheltered, has the occasional bench to enjoy a picnic or listen to the birds sing and watch the flowers grow. There are Chickens roaming, the orchard out a little gate behind the Dovecote has free ranging Guinea Fowl, ducks and geese and there is also an Apiary housing ten hives, seven of which had signs of activity yesterday, the walled garden really is an example of ecology working.

Bees, Apiary,
Bee hives in the orchard 

For me the splendour of the Dovecote, the ancient looking Orangeries the structured vines

Dovecote at Felbrigg Walled garden
Dovecote at Felbrigg Walled garden

among the herb beds the avenue of olive trees near to the main entrance all bring the magic

of the simple vegetable beds, rich and deep and loamy together in a way that appeals to the

senses and makes one wish to visit again in late spring to catch the next episode of the coming

together of a very successful plot.



The note to us all in the children s garden as you work your way back to the entrance/exit

maybe encapsulates this truly beautiful Norfolk garden.

Felbrigg, Norfolk
Look after it

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