Norfolk Holiday – Environment

The Environment; We invite all Norfolk holiday makers to consider the environment with Barn & Beach. We will be constantly reviewing our policy and exploring ways to improve our carbon footprint… Some policies will include; –


sourcing product, as near to the coast as possible be it a butcher, dairy product, fresh vegetables, or flowers for the table it will be local where possible, cutting travel and fuel consumption to help the environment to boot!


technical and domestic services are supplied by people from local villages.

Waste Disposal

North Norfolk District Council offer good recycling facilities, we encourage all guests, trades etc. to recycle.
We have compost facilities at the properties and encourage all to use them.


we employ environmentally friendly products without compromising the quality for our guests. We have never used any chemical in our gardens and aim to continue this policy.

Home Grown

Both the ‘Beach House’ & ‘Barn’ gardens are now established and provide us with a small amount of Vegetables, potatoes, beetroot etc… hardy types that can withstand the sea breezes…we are also making our own compost! And a new addition for 2017 ….the Barn & Beach allotment.

The Pekin Bantams are flourishing we have five in the garden at the Barn. (Christmas 2018)

The beehive is currently closed; the colony was decimated in 2013, we hope for better things in 2019…

The future’s bright; we ask our guests for their tips to help this policy develop and grow shoots.