Ebridge Mill (North Walsham to Dilham Canal)

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Sold as a commercial development (planning permission for housing) in 2007 the Old Mill on the lock ‘Ebridge’ is a rather engaging construction which when viewed in the daylight on the 6th April 2015 really stirs the imagination as being a potentially modern cool place to reside, wish it had a feature slot on the Restoration Man channel 4’s TV programme; I would love to watch it evolve.

edbridge mill, north norfolk, north walsham, bacton woods
Ebridge Mill a haunting edifice

The Mill stands silently hauntingly opposite the recently restored mill pool where the EAWA work with the North Walsham and Dilham Canal trust volunteers who have in recent years opened up the stream to lakeland size proportions. A complete transformation of the landscape sitting below the heights of Bacton Wood towering above to the right, yes I know it is Norfolk but not flat.

The works continue, not a job being carried out by a few hardy souls with spades but as is currently evident further north the work of huge 360 caterpillar diggers is excavating the next stretch.

I need to further research as to when it will all, if ever, become navigable again, would make a lovely day paddling up stream from Wayford Bridge in a canoe.

Today the eastern section of the mill is under considerable development with what look like three loft style apartments overlooking the stream as it comes down from the lake/lock gates above…

A new beginning
A new beginning

The mill itself dates back to the nineteenth century from days when waterways were an efficient way of transporting goods from the upper reaches of North Walsham

Ebridge Mill was also sometimes known as North Walsham Mill. The mill was built over the River Ant, which later became the North Walsham and Dilham Canal. The five-storey mill, built of red brick with a slate roof, was owned by the Cubitt and Walker family from 1869-1998 (From EDP Factfile).

The present owners/developers Barn Owl Conversions have the strap line

“turning country heritage into contemporary living”

it certainly looks to be true of Ebridge Mil.

As it is  short hop from Meadowside Barn Bed & Breakfast I will be following the progress of the development of the mill and canal with great interest this summer.

river ant, north norfolk, mill, canal
The mill stream

The view from the road bridge on North Walsham Road looking past the mill toward Dilham.


lock gates. River Ant, Noroflk, North Walsham
Old Lock Gates

Ebridge Mill North Walsham Road at Bacton Woods, North Norfolk.







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  1. It’s good to find new uses for buildings which are no longer in use without knocking them down, unless they’re an eyesore and not well designed in the first place. Mind you design of buildings is always in the beholder and changes as the decades do. Not that I know anything of building design. But change of use often creates some intriguing things to sketch.

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