Dilham (to North Walsham canal)

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Dilham canal, bit of a conundrum for me this one. Happily arriving at the village/hamlet (how does one differentiate?) I felt a bit lost, I had read a lot of the canal works and reopening of the section from Dilham but I just couldn’t find it!

Ask a local, thats sage advice, however, the one I spotted walking her dog really didn’t know where it was either but knew there was a bridge over there, vaugley pointing.

Over there I went found a bridge with a stream under it but surely running in the wrong direction I found a little north of the bridge a boat house too

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There didn’t really appear to be a river running by though, another enquiry informed me that this was the start of the section that runs to Wayford Bridge and onto the Broads Britain’s Magical Waterland. As a side there is a lovely place to hire canoes down there at Wayford Bridge, canoes can get you out into the backwaters and the joys of flower and fauna they provide, try it, really do!

It turns out that the North Walsham – Dilham canal and recent opening works are a couple of miles away at Briggate by the old station, a victim of Beeching no doubt, on the Weavers Way.

But I was here on foot and in Dilham; Dilham it turns out is a pretty Norfolk Village, chocolate box cottages a beautiful church, fine example of the vernacular.


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Norfolk Church at Dilham

I had a little wander round the grounds and graveyard before heading on back toward the village, couldn’t help notice they have a village inn too which is always nice to see.

Meandering along the lane back in the direction of Honing I spotted a sign it was my first real connection to the waterway I was looking for, still no where near the canal lock I had seen in local papers and on Tv news but a sign all the same

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warning Frogs

Now I’m aware the source of the river stretching south toward appears on one side of the road and there is obviously wet land all around me but I didn’t find the Dilham canal today; I was perfectly happy as it is fun to discover places like Dilham with its church, river and pub, a little piece of idyllic North Norfolk I probably wouldn’t adventure to if it weren’t for this A2Z challenge thingy….

Tomorrow we will see the canal as I’m off to Ebridge Mill which is on the North Walsham to Dilham canal, see you then?


2 thoughts on “Dilham (to North Walsham canal)”

  1. Bring on the Frogs, I enjoyed this post… great information on Dilham to North Walsham…Welcome in the letter “D”… thank you!
    Jeremy [Retro]
    AtoZ Challenge Co-Host [2015]

    There’s no earthly way of knowing.
    Which direction we are going!

    Come Visit: You know you want to know if me or Hollywood… is Nuts?

  2. Reminds me of the time I asked directions to the imax cinema when I was in Leeds. I never found it till the tourist information Centre eventually told me when I kept going back in that I needed to go to Bradford first.
    I love those toad crossing signs but they’re usually where they get run over which isn’t such a nice thing to see.

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