D – Daffodils

By Michael Martin On April 05, 2016 · Add Comment · D – Daffodils

Daffodil the symbol of coming Spring generally showing through the period of Lent to Easter Sunday, however, in this topsy turvy world I saw daffodils in gardens when visiting North London at New Year.


Here in Norfolk we have a spectacle I don’t recall seeing anywhere else I have lived or visited. visting France ‘The Provencal’ have their lavender fields which they exploit in most tourism literature, here in Norfolk the daffodil fields barley get a mention!


Daffodils, Spring. Norfolk
Daffodil Fields Norfolk

Huge arable fields of cultivated daffodils, the one above has the Happisburgh Church as a back drop and is truly stunning spectacle to stumble across (beware, bring your sunglasses its bright on the eyes).

The images below are fields dotted around between Walcott & Happisburgh on the North Norfolk coast;


The area is beautiful, rolling countryside, beaches village pubs, a church tower or two not to mention a lighthouse to climb too! If your passing in Spring bring your walking boots and spend a few hours immersed in natural beauty.

As a resident I have the joy of being able to purchase Mr Love’s daffodils at 50p a bunch, displayed in old jam jars they really cheer up my B&B and Holiday Homes in Spring.


5 thoughts on “D – Daffodils”

  1. I had been posted at Norfolk one summer at a place called Holbeach. And there was an incredible Daffodil field. It was so bright yellow and we do need the glares for viewing. I still remember that view.

  2. I have a bit of a love hate thing going on with Daffs. Don’t mind them in other peoples gardens or cut flowers inside but keep them away from the verges please. I think I could cope with a field of them. Must be an amazing sight as you say.

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