Happy New Year from Norfolk

Happy New Year from Norfolk; its an amazingly busy time along the coast as many take advantage of the holidays to visit the North Norfolk coast with Barn & Beach  We too have taken advantage of our ‘Happy New Year from Norfolk’ and managed to have a ‘tour of Norfolk‘ on New Years Eve, enjoying the coast and […]


Hey June, the sunshine makes everyone happy! Barn & Beach is operating at full tilt, “wishing we had more properties to manage” June really is the turning point, the point where summer makes up its mind, will it or wont it? Sunshine.. We of course enjoy whatever the weather and are now able to share […]

The Little Blue Shepherd Hut

The Little Blue Shepherd hut by the Sea, down on the front on the Bacton & Walcott border sits this rather attractive Shepherd Hut, removed from its countryside/field location and given a makeover it really does make a dashing sight sitting above the golden sands of Bacton beach on the North Norfolk coast. Last weekend […]


When summer is at full tilt, a gentle stroll around the allotment is about as much as I can manage these days, we have no mountains to do the other ‘eerimg’ on anyhoo so its ‘Allotmenteering’….Today I was weeding (in a bun dance) and harvesting too. Norfolk Strawberries, bit like those they are eating at Wimbledon this […]

Where’s Mundesley?

Where’s Mundesley? Its been a question on the minds of many of the guests at the Beach Houses this week. “Why”? I hear yous ask, well the half-term week 27th May to 4th June 2016 has been probably the lowest point, weather wise since the inauguration of Barn & Beach. The families, brave souls, who have been guests […]

C – Cromer Crabs

Cromer Crabs are famous in these parts, they are infused in North Norfolk culture and are sought after by locals and visitors alike. Firstly they are a sought as a delicious food and secondly by the thousands of children who ‘crab line’ from the pier every year, or maybe its the other way round? Cromer […]

Plants, Produce & Ponderings

Plants, produce & Ponderings from Norfolk, this is the title for my next A to Z challenge 2016 (number 229 on the sign up list) please come and visit in April. I have, via social media, you know twitter and the like and by visiting one or two outlets, been trying to sign up some […]

Happy New Year

Happy New Year; The first guests of the year left Beach House yesterday having braved a stormy week;they had a wonderful time walking the coast and surrounding countryside but mostly storm watching from the first floor of Beach House. On Thursday the drama unfolded, we had a last minute flood warning for Walcott, it came from ‘Flood […]

The Witton Round from Meadowside Barn

The Witton Round from Meadowside Barn Bed & Breakfast is a door to door walk that takes up to 2 hours, depending on how you like to dawdle when in the countryside. I enjoyed the walk last week on a calm bright late Autumnal afternoon. It truly is a delightfully peaceful stroll that takes in […]

A visit to the Mid-Norfolk Railway

A Visit to the Mid-Norfolk Railway; Saturday night and a short (ish) drive over to Dereham in West Norfolk for the Barn & Beach guests. We are visiting the Mid-Norfolk Railway who are staging a Halloween themed rail journey from Dereham Station to Wymondham station. It looks quaint in the late Autumn sunshine the frontage of Dereham station […]