A2Z Challenge 2015

X Marks the Spot

There may or may not be pirates in these here parts, I have uncovered some photographs that may prove the theory; X Marks the Spot…. Now we know those rascals like a drop of the dark stuff and these barrels handily have been marked with the ‘X’ marks the spot?. Bootylicious Rum indeed, now what […]


My Norfolk – @wunjot guest blog W is for walking As my twitter bio says, one of my great passions in life is walking – which is handy as when I was growing up in rural Norfolk in the 60s, only posh, rich people had cars and ordinary people walked.  As a four year old […]

Under Norfolk Skies

The topic for this challenge is ‘My Norfolk’, however, so much of my challenge has been influenced by twitter, when I came across this site @NovelFest I couldn’t resist mixing my metaphors and attempted to put together a 140 character short story…Under Norfolk Skies. Under Norfolk skies is such a popular term used by countless […]

The Museum of the Broads

A guest blog offered at the eleventh hour by the twitter campaign for The Museum of the Broads @MuseumBroads The Museum of the Broads In our region we have some of the finest waterways in the country – our museum is dedicated to the history of these beautiful wetlands.  We cover the people, the wildlife, […]

Sophie in the Sticks

Another guest from the twitter camp @sophieintsticks is a very popular Norfolk lifestyle blogger; Hello, I’m Sophie in the Sticks, a girl who loves living in the Norfolk countryside. Norfolk is such a special place to me, it’s got everything. The fine city of Norwich , a great long stretch of coastline, the broads, the […]

Quiet Lanes

The original Campaign objectives for quiet lanes; Walk, cycle and ride in safety Quiet Lanes are designated minor rural roads intended to pay special attention to the needs of walkers, cyclists, horse riders and the mobility impaired. They are designed to enable users to enjoy country lanes in greater safety and encourage car drivers to respect more vulnerable road […]

Pugh Ryan (Author) Guest Blog

The following is an excerpt from my next book, Kismet Quick. It is a travelogue/guide/ramble/rant through 40 of Norfolk’s towns and villages (I spent last year visiting each via public transport). Kismet Quick will be available from Spring 2015. Check ryantpugh.co.uk site for regular updates.    A Morning on the North Norfolk Railway (Sheringham to […]

National trust in Norfolk

My events planner; We are so lucky to have five major National trust attractions on the doorstep at Barn & Beach + the occasional opening of Heigham Holmes. As part of our ongoing listing for the Trust I can list the following events available for May visitors and residents in North East Norfolk; Blickling in the […]

My Norfolk

The theme for this years AtoZ challenge ‘My Norfolk’ I wanted to share with many of the people I follow on twitter. People who have their own ‘My Norfolk’. I wanted as many view points as was possible…. even up to the maximum twenty six letters, hopeful, I know! I have been lucky as we’ve […]

The Little Wooden House near the Sea

I’ll start from the beginning.  For many years Bob & I had trawled the coast for our perfect getaway.  My dad had spent most of his adult life working on Norfolk’s sea defences & gave us guidelines within which to search; do not buy on sand or in direct view of the sea & we […]