Holidays in Norfolk

By Michael Martin On April 16, 2018 · Add Comment · Holidays in Norfolk

Holidays in Norfolk; it has been an interesting Easter. recently writing of March coming like a Lion leaving like a Lamb didn’t ring true this winter and the season thwarted spring through the Easter Holidays in Norfolk. None of the above really, really mattered, we all like a bit of sunshine on our back but the […]

Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus

By Michael Martin On March 01, 2018 · Add Comment · Dydd Gŵyl Dewi Hapus

Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus! 1st March, hails St Davids Day celebrating all things Welsh…In Norfolk England we are under siege from the weather but as the proverb goes; March Comes in like a lion, goes out like a lamb…. The month of March usually starts with cold, unpleasant weather, but ends mild and pleasant. (Either part of the proverb can be used alone.) March is com-ing in like a lion this year; there’s been a snowstorm every day this week. Fine white powdery stuff, le pest du la est il est arrive! gale force winds […]

Happy New Year from Norfolk

By Michael Martin On January 01, 2018 · Add Comment · Happy New Year from Norfolk

Happy New Year from Norfolk; its an amazingly busy time along the coast as many take advantage of the holidays to visit the North Norfolk coast with Barn & Beach  We too have taken advantage of our ‘Happy New Year from Norfolk’ and managed to have a ‘tour of Norfolk‘ on New Years Eve, enjoying the coast and […]

astronomical or meteorological winter….

By Michael Martin On December 07, 2017 · Add Comment · astronomical or meteorological winter….

A grey and drab morning out in the countryside, a time for reflection, astronomical or meteorological winter, which ever definition we opt for it is certainly gathering with the arrival of storm Caroline this weekend. Astronomical or meteorological winter? I often ponder, when does Autumn end and Winter start? If you look at the link it […]


By Michael Martin On September 30, 2017 · Add Comment · Autumn

Autumn; can hardly believe its October in the morn’ Autumn has come quick, after a decent summer 2017 continues to flourish at Barn & Beach the houses are generally busy the B&B not so. I find the shorter days slow down the footfall for B&B guests and I now have time to kick back and do all […]

Travel Insurance

By Michael Martin On August 08, 2017 · Add Comment · Travel Insurance

Travel Insurance, don’t often preach from the pulpit on this page, why would you? Its a holiday blog featuring all good things Norfolk and occasionally over the border in Suffolk too. A regular guest (visited Barn & Beach six times!) found out the day before arrival in July that they wouldn’t be able to travel due to a […]


By Michael Martin On July 09, 2017 · Add Comment · Reviews

Everybody mentions ‘The Reviews’ be it B&B guests or self-catering holiday guests; the topic always arises “oh, I read your Reviews”. On departure every single guest also, at some point will say “I’ll write you lovely Reviews”! Of course I smile politely and nod sagely, you see I’m of the belief that only 1% yes […]


By Michael Martin On June 05, 2017 · Add Comment · June

Hey June, the sunshine makes everyone happy! Barn & Beach is operating at full tilt, “wishing we had more properties to manage” June really is the turning point, the point where summer makes up its mind, will it or wont it? Sunshine.. We of course enjoy whatever the weather and are now able to share […]

The Little Blue Shepherd Hut

By Michael Martin On April 12, 2017 · Add Comment · The Little Blue Shepherd Hut

The Little Blue Shepherd hut by the Sea, down on the front on the Bacton & Walcott border sits this rather attractive Shepherd Hut, removed from its countryside/field location and given a makeover it really does make a dashing sight sitting above the golden sands of Bacton beach on the North Norfolk coast. Last weekend […]

Marching On

By Michael Martin On March 19, 2017 · Add Comment · Marching On

Marching on, life at Barn & Beach seldom stands still. As we pass the Ides of March, a time of great change was debated, deliberated and digested. We are looking at how we operate after seven years of business. The upshot? we are Marching on, changing the B&B option and focusing on the promotion of ‘The Little Blue Shepherd […]

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