Bee Keeping

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In the original environment statement for Barn & Beach, we dreamed blithely of chickens and bees.

The Pekin Bantams are a feature of Barn and Beach gardens now and have become the ‘marmite’ of guests conversation at the breakfast table. Mostly loved I’m glad to say.

In our first year of hen keeping we were delighted with the brood of chicks who are now two years old and glowing, living happily over the Orchard meadow fence!

Now sited in Ken’s Orchard is our first beehive, we are hoping for expansion, however, speaking with very experienced BeeKeepers we are told we are lucky they have survived the winter, if you have any great tips or just good sound advice please e-mail or fill in the comments below?

Yesterday the first swallow appeared at noon on Mill Common, a joy to see.

Today the temperature is in the high teens there are ships sailing along the seafront at Walcott Beach with an azure backdrop there is a sense of release from the grips of a long winter ….

Enjoy North Norfolk in the spring time visit one of our fabulous self-catering cottages on the beach and enjoy the changing weather…..

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