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Ten Minutes

What does it mean ‘holiday home’ if it is a home is it just like being at home? Well yes and no. We change our environment, what we are used to, but still like some home comforts, hotels with all the mod cons can’t really do that for us. It is difficult to have a day in in a hotel, you feel the need to get up and go out, the confinement of one room no matter how luxurious is still a little to much to remain in for the day.

Let us imagine the contrast, you have rented a holiday home, self catering over looking a Norfolk beach, you have a double aspect window looking out to sea from you bed. A live picture the scene changing constantly. You arrived last night in the dark and now the sunrise wakens your senses. Open the doors let in the breeze into the room, hear the noise of the seagulls squabbling over some titbit, you think food?

Sea air gives us an appetite they say, anyway you nip downstairs make some tea and coffee, grab some snacks or even a healthy option? Put it all on a tray with some of the recommended reading material and back up the stairs to bed.

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You’re congratulated on your efforts, breakfast in bed what a way to start the holiday, munching away looking out to sea, the feel of the cool breeze refreshing the bedroom, you try to read but get lost in the daydream of what will be the next seven days, a self catering holiday in a modern stylish home overlooking the beach and sea, how much will you do how much will you see?

You have a bundle of guides; maps and the local radio station playing in the background you are absorbing and planning what to do in Norfolk day by day. You are still in bed, you have visited half the county but you are still in bed. Is it a dream the view from the window the soft lapping noise of waves on the beach, the delicious coffee that you made the way only you know how to, did you remember to hang the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the door handle?

In ten minutes you are going to get up? You have to it will soon be lunch and where are you going to eat it?? The garden to the rear you remember had a lovely patio seating arrangement partially sun partially shaded, yes that’s the place to take lunch today, you think of the ingredients you carefully chose and packed for today’s lunch and the bottle of wine you put in the fridge, yes lunch in the garden today and some planning for the rest of the week, where to go what to see?

Just ten more minutes, a short nap or read then the day can really begin get downstairs and out to the shore to feel the sand and sea on your toes, just ten more minutes…

Come and enjoy North Norfolk with Barn & Beach Relaxing places to stay….

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