B&B Visit Norfolk in Winter

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With Barn & Beach 

Looking for a bed and breakfast in Norfolk? A good place to start would be trip advisor.

This is the tourist website where the public can write reviews of all aspects of the tourism industry. People who visit can comment on each hotel, bed and breakfast, restaurant or attraction if the establishment has street credibility they will have a listing on this site.


Geese in Flight (Courtesy of K. Yerril)
Geese in Flight (Courtesy of K. Yerril)

It is an open forum and a good place to get a feel as to where to stay or eat, good days out at attractions, you can plan your whole trip with the advice of others in your own living room.

Meadowside Barn in North Norfolk is a good example where the proprietor set up the site listing on trip advisor to cover all aspects of the Barn & Beach properties. Visitors to the self-catering ‘Beach House’ as well as those in the Barn’s Bed and Breakfast are positively encouraged to write a report. The benefits of this are many and the positives far outweigh the negatives.

Yes the guest has the right to make a negative comment, if this is the case what should you do? There is a management reply facility incorporated in the site so the comments can be addressed. This facility should never be used as a forum to argue points; it is an opportunity to reply to the guest in a positive and reassuring manner.

Most guests are kind and constructive in their reviews, which makes it a worthwhile exercise to visit it before a booking into an hotel or restaurant, if there are too many negative reviews you may wish to look elsewhere to enjoy your precious leisure time.

Or it could help you decide on definitely going to a venue you may not have chosen.

Meadowside Barn is currently No1 bed and breakfast listing on trip advisor for the Walcott area!

Trip Advisor well worth a look if your taking a break,  going for dinner or doing a theme park anywhere in the world,but it would be good to begin with Norfolk.

Be it hotel or bed and breakfast the county has some very special places to stay.

Barn & Beach relaxing places to stay…..






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