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A community centre without a roof, however, in season it does have a beautiful canopy to shade those who utilize this peaceful spot on a regular basis. The Autumnal colours a joy, Bacton woods are a treat for all who visit.

From NNDC website I have taken the following description;

“Come and visit Bacton Wood (or Witton Woods as it is also known). It’s a wonderful mosaic of conifer plantation, mixed woodland and open spaces. See if you can identify all 30 species of tree that can be found, some are native and some have been introduced!

Lots of exciting events take place at Bacton Wood throughout the year ranging from conservation work to activities suitable for children. It’s free entry for under 3s (unless otherwise stated). For events, please ensure that children are accompanied by an adult at all times.

Facilities at Bacton Wood include a picnic area, disabled parking bays and an information board.”

Bacton Wood is a great distraction if you want to get away from the beach for the day a quiet introspective place in the county of Broad-skies, Norfolk.

This week (9th April) there is an egg hunt from 10 til 1 pm; The woods have eggs! Follow the trail to find the hidden Easter eggs. Take part in a family fun quiz and learn how animals have evolved through time. Face painting will be available and the Easter Bunny has promised to deliver presents. suitable for all ages. (£1 per child. Meet in the Main car Park).

For the bigger kids there is a natural hollow that appears to have been fashioned into a skateboard park it looks exhilarating…

Skateboarding, Bacton woods, Norfolk
Skate Boarders or Track Bikes

We have so many Barn & Beach visitors who just enjoy the space, 113 hectares or 280 acres is plenty to support cyle paths as well as the circular walking routes; one reviewer write ‘perfect for an old ‘un like me’. Young or old, walker, cyclist or skateboarding aspirations Bacton Woods is a great space to enjoy close to the North Norfolk Coast.

North Norfolk Coast, Bacton Woods, outdoors
Bacton Woods, North Norfolk

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  1. ‘Community Centre without a roof’ is a wonderful description. It’s great to have local places where you can be closer to nature. I sort of miss that where I live these days. More reason to visit Norfolk more. Here’s to a great AtoZ.

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