B- is for Barns, Beach Houses & Blogs

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Barn & Beach, escapees of east London, just when it hit the height of fashion, and not to mention the imminent host to the twenty twelve Olympics.

Living in London for the previous twenty three years the days for chasing buses and trains had finally lost their thrill.

The creation of a Norfolk way of life was an idea mainly based on wanting to’ do’ a Barn Conversion and having the most perfect Beach House on the coast, (with designated holiday use only)

So in 2010 blowing off the smog, we followed a big old fashioned removal van up the M11, Norfolk bound…

The Barn was mostly converted and habitable, so there are no great stories of hardship, strife and funny anecdotes of recalcitrant builders… we did however have to complete bits and pieces and design the hard-standing garden complete with crumbling walls..

Norfolk, Holidays, Self catering
Pekin’ Bantam in the raised bed

Barn & Beach was a bit of serendipity, well the ingredients were all there, might as well bake a cake?

To help promote Barn & Beach everyone hollered you must have a blog and help duly arrived in the form of the website designer, think it has changed platforms a couple of times but you need to to get to your destination. Finding @AprilA2Z challenge has been another stroke of good luck as the blog is a bit bland compared to so many beautiful ones out there, they evoke so much thought and possibility, I digress.

Blogs about the Beach?  there have been a few since the inauguration;

Beach Holiday North Norfolk

A Day on the Beach

and of course home


Will give you a feel for our direct local area, hopefully over the coming weeks the net will be cast further afield a great excuse to spend more time enjoying the beautiful county whilst Spring is in the air

Norfolk; Do come and join the trip?

Norfolk, Holidays, Self Catering. Beaches
North Norfolk converted agricultural Barn featuring traditional flint walls



2 thoughts on “B- is for Barns, Beach Houses & Blogs”

  1. Well that’s your B sorted.. Good to hear how it came about. Wondering what some of the more difficult letters will be and looking forward to hearing about some new places I must go and visit.

  2. So, is the Barn and Beach house just for you or is it a B&B? We’ve traveled somewhat in GB but have never gotten to Norfolk. Guess it’s time to put this region on our Bucket List! Gail, visiting from the A-Z challenge.

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