B – Beach Clean

By Michael Martin On April 02, 2016 · Add Comment · B – Beach Clean

Today there is a Beach clean promoted by the Norfolk Wildlife Trust  you can join in. its interactive, interesting and unfortunately essential on our beautiful coast line.

Today I was going to write about a very popular Norfolk Blue cheese, however, a news article a couple of days ago prompted me change the topic to ‘Beach Clean’ you see, in February, we had a lot of Sperm Whales washed up on the beaches of Norfolk…

Sperm whales, Norfolk, Beaches
Sperm whale on Norfolk Beach

At the end of March the local news has run reports of how these tragic giants, five on the beaches of Norfolk and Lincolnshire, a further twelve on the other side of the North Sea in Germany and Holland had a lot of plastic in their intestines.

There are regular beach cleaning parties on the North Norfolk beaches of Bacton, Mundesley and Walcott.

On the 27th March thirty one locals collected around 80kgs of rubbish from a small area of the Blue Flag award winning beach of Mundesley, North Norfolk…

Beach Clean Mundesley
Beach Clean Mundesley
Beach Clean, Norfolk

It hardly surprising that the hungry mammals are eating/swallowing large quantities of plastics they use sound to find food so are unlikely to differentiate between a plastic bottle a fishing line or a live squid.

This is the messge I received from my French teacher who took her children on the clean of the 27th March

Salut Michael….je t so “taggé” sur le groupe Mundesley….sinon voici les photos….c était le 27/03….31 personnes ont participé et en tout 80 kgs ont été ramassés…bonne journée x
 Beach Clean mundesley, Norfolk
Collected Rubbish
If you are in North Norfolk today and have free time between ten thirty and twelve thirty do book (essential) and go along to the car park at Cley Marshes where the trust will organise work parties.
If you aren’t in this part of the world maybe you can think of setting up a beach clean of your own? it will make you feel warm and gooey inside, go on try it.

5 thoughts on “B – Beach Clean”

  1. The damage we do to the environment in so many different ways is terrible. It’s been a concern of my for 50 or more years now. The problem with plastic is that cleaning he beaches, whilst useful, is only scratching the surface of the problem of plastic in our oceans. I hope the weather in Norfolk is better than here in Ireland today.
    Frank Parker’s Author Site

  2. So many people wrote about beaches for b which is great. Got me remembering and reminiscing of when I lived nearer to one. It’s pretty horrific how we treat the oceans and those that live in them. Who knows how we’re both going to get through the month or what we’ll be posting about! Hilarious that we’re both in the same place..

    1. indeed..thanks for popping by I will try to hang in as far as I can but am not hopeful of getting this thing across the line this year. Good Luck with yours.

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