Aylsham Horticulture Auction

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A warm welcome back to Norfolk (England) for my second A to Z challenge. last April  got us out and about discovering many aspects of the ‘Bootiful County’ this year I have asked many Norfolk folk to contribute with guest blogs to get a broader perspective on what the county means to others. Hopefully I will get a few takers but we will have to wait and see as the month unfolds. So here we are in Aylsham for the Monday morning plant auction, even for those not purchasing plants this place is a joy, watch the characters, enjoy the banter and get yersel a hearty breakfast with a big mug of traditional ‘builders tea’ in an auld chipped mug to boot!

Aylsham, broadland, norfolk
Aylsham Auction

A bell rings, bit like the old school playground call to class, to mark the start of the sales, the crowd gather tight, the auctioneer has a pleasant brogue, bur in these parts, the humour is quick the plants go quicker, extraordinary prices (cheap) sold in bulk I didn’t stand a chance, my occasional bid for one of those or two of those was lost as the lots went in bulk; dozens, fifteens, I just don’t need those quantities.

Horticulre, Aylsham, broadland, Norfolk
Horticulture at Aylsahm

Quality and quantity at Keys auction

flowers, aylsham,
Some of the Displays

The morning was not wasted though, the banter and spectacle really warmed the cockles of the heart as did the bacon roll and mug of tea in the old ‘portacabin’ type cafe furnished as bleakly as one could imagine;
it had strange warmth and lovely atmosphere, similar to some of those old Provencal market places observed on annual French Leave.


cafe, Market, Aylsham
Cafe Society, market style

It was evident that many hadn’t come to buy anything but rather to catch up with their friends and a bit of gossip on the latest rural affairs.




I really enjoyed my bacon roll with ketchup, of course and a mug of tea presented in an individual mug, I don’t think there were two pieces of china alike in the whole place, maybe the proprietor could pick up a set in the antique auction next door which I had intended to visit too; that must wait for another day as I’m now rather contented with my mornings adventure ….

traditional fare, cafe, norfolk
Bacon Roll & Mug of Tea


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  1. ah, another brit – wasn’t sure, as so many of the contributors to this challenge are from the other side of the pond.

    When I work out how to do it, as i’m a wordpress blogger, and I am finding it difficult to navigate these different formats – I will click something to follow you – smile!

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