Autumn Looking Forward

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At Barn and Beach we gave you the A to Z of things to do places to see in Norfolk & Norwich this summer, we had some classics;

Banham Zoo

Upton Dyke

Kelling Quags

Being three instantly memorable favourite Norfolk days out! It was quite a task getting through the twenty six letters of the alphabet in one calendar month, especially as many of the places were visited to write bespoke pieces about the location. The great positive was it vastly improved the knowledge of the county.

As I write the autumn mists are swirling around the barn…

Autumn Norfolk
Autumn Morning Norfolk

We are in a reflective mood but also a very positive forward thinking one too… there are changes Barn & Beach is losing old partnerships from the New Year.

Changes are being made to the website as I type, new partnerships are being forged, hopefully our client list will grow, organically, of course.

If Slow is the way of the season the harvest is coming in; the potato fields are being cleared miles of freshly tilled brown clod are all around it has a striking beauty, Norfolk…….

Norfolk farming
Tilled Fields

Barn & Beach have slowed too, however we are still welcoming many new guests to the Beach Houses, the village locations have slowed now but will welcome families in the half-term holidays once again.

The calendar for next year is already filling up, if you want to be in the ‘best Beach Houses’ in our beautiful county now is the time to choose especially Beach Place & Beach View  which have only a hand full of weeks in the peak holiday season 2015!


Barn & Beach Norfolk Holidays
Barn & Beach Norfolk Holidays

Barn & Beach Norfolk holidays, relaxing places to stay……..

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