astronomical or meteorological winter….

By Michael Martin On December 07, 2017 · Add Comment · astronomical or meteorological winter….

A grey and drab morning out in the countryside, a time for reflection, astronomical or meteorological winter, which ever definition we opt for it is certainly gathering with the arrival of storm Caroline this weekend.

Astronomical or meteorological winter? I often ponder, when does Autumn end and Winter start? If you look at the link it helps with the understanding of the seasons, we are now in the meteorological winter. The astronomical begins with the winter solstice on the 21st December.

It would be romantic to think of Meadowside Barn B&B  dressed in its winter cloak for Christmas;

Winter; B&B; Barn & Beach; Norfolk
Meadowside Barn in Winter

This is seldom the reality; December in Norfolk can remain Autumnal but the days are short! very, very short…you have to get out early to fit in your activities, however, it can be a wonderful time for the ‘Twitchers’ the geese are in flight and the reserves are alive with activity #VisitNorfolkinWinter

Geese; twitchers; birding; norfolk; holidays
Geese in flight Norfolk

Our next big season is of course the booking season. A time when Christmas is over, we are truly in both astronomical and meteorological winter many of our guests take advantage of dark nights in to plan their trip to our beautiful coast in the coming year; 2018.

Sadly this week the Little Blue Shepherd Hut has departed;

Shepherd hut; Holidays; North Norfolk; Barn & beach
The Little Blue Shepherd Hut

The positive is that a new listing Grange Cottage  has taken her place and looks to be a fabulous addition to Barn & Beach holidays in the coming year!

The Cottage- outside view.
Grange Cottage North Norfolk

Bookings for next season have already picked up a pace; don’t be disappointed get your dates in your favourite cottage in as soon as possible this astronomical or meteorological winter….I will be here to help with any enquiries

Happy Christmas


Barn & Beach


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