By Michael Martin On July 06, 2016 · Add Comment · Allotmenteering

When summer is at full tilt, a gentle stroll around the allotment is about as much as I can manage these days, we have no mountains to do the other ‘eerimg’ on anyhoo so its ‘Allotmenteering’….Today I was weeding (in a bun dance) and harvesting too.

Norfolk Strawberries

Norfolk Strawberries, bit like those they are eating at Wimbledon this week except they are a little muddy, a little squished and truly organic!

I have no use for chemicals or slug pellets down the Lotty if the wild life gets it then that’s the way it is. Sadly I have found many of the neighbours aren’t adhering to these principles and the slug pellets are like ‘Shake n Vac’ thats no way to practice yer allotmenteering, tha knas!

Got some lovely flowers for the vases at the B&B 

Cut Flowers, Norfolk, B&B
Homegrown Norfolk cut Flowers at the B&B

The ‘spuds’ are coming up nicely and the slugs appear to have left the first crop alone. A few of the auld boys are warning of blight, I’m taking my chances and leaving most in the ground, with a lift when needed option being preferable.

New Potatoes, Norfolk, Spuds
New Potatoes

Been a great day all round and I even pulled out a few of them other beans too.

I am going to try and plant some French Beans among the sweetpeas and see if I can get a late summer crop.

All in all a good day down by the seaside, over that big hedge across the road from the beach, that’s where my ‘Lotty’ Be! And on a hot day like today its where you can find me busy as a, well ‘erm bee?

hebe, plants, allotment, Noroflk
Bees on the Hebe in July



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