All Saints

By Michael Martin On November 01, 2018 · Add Comment · All Saints

All Saints Day; the spooky goings on around Bacton & Walcott have abated, washed away by the Autumn rains? The village is quiet and the late of the Half Termers’ are mostly gone, save the odd family or two.

Halloween Pumpkin
Halloween Pumpkin

The night of Halloween (all hallows eve) was a lot of fun and frights, the local school held a dance and the children in fabulous array of costumes went on a mass trick or treat afterwards, there are not many chimneys or children for that matter in the community but a lot of fun was had by all.

The numbers may have been bolstered by visiting families children as most of the holiday homes were booked with young families enjoying the Autumn break before the start of winter.

All Saints Day today sees the start of darker nights and fewer visitors, however, the bright days are great for Walking on the beaches and cliff tops. There are lots of migrating birds to be seen and the geese flocks in flight are particularly impressive.

All saints Day
Homely Fires on All Saints Night

The smell of wood burning stoves is now evident when out walking in the lanes and the village, last weeks guests at Beach House had great fun sitting by the burner watching the waves crash onto the shoreline and luckily spotted the occasional seal and porpoise (regular visitors to this stretch of the coast).

As it is All saints the song by the the girl band of the same name formed in London in the 1990’s just keeps coming to mind as I finish of setting up two beach houses for late arrivals (those without encumbrance) who love to enjoy our beautiful beaches whatever the season….

Have a listen? All saints, Pure Shores take me to the Beach… All Saints Day 2018.

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