A Norfolk B&B

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A Norfolk B&B

In the Northeast corner of Norfolk between Cromer (twelve o’clock) and Great Yarmouth (three o’clock) nestled between ‘The Broads’ to the south and the North Sea sits North Walsham and its surrounding 25 parishes.

This is true North Norfolk not trendy and chic like the area to the west but a real old-fashioned local community, countryside, farming and seashore villages nestle closely together sitting out exposed to the elements of the often-brutal North Sea.

The beaches are unspoiled often empty and have a good standard of cleanliness. The kind of place where on a winter stroll between communities like Walcott and Happisburgh you can walk and feel you are the only soul in the world. The sea crashing on the shore, the sea defenses standing up proudly to the oncoming tide. Once you cover the two-mile distance between the two hamlets the sea defense no longer stands up strongly and the residents of Happisburgh have felt the mighty force of the tide, great swathes of land have fallen over the cliffs taking peoples homes and livelihood with it.

Norfolk Hay Stacks
Norfolk Hay Stacks

A great place to visit for a short break discover the outdoors life, beaches and pubs. The ideal base would be one of the numerous Bed & Breakfast establishments that operate in and around the villages. The choice of premises you can stay is vast.

There are stately homes, farmhouses, coach houses, rectories, modern homes and converted barns. The area has something to suit all tastes and pockets. It is acknowledged that the quality of the B&B’s is high; the “TripAdvisor” reports vouch for that.

A newcomer in 2011 Barn and Beach’s operation; it offers Bed & Breakfast and self-catering holidays. For a short break of say two to three days Bed & Breakfast is the preferred option, your needs are catered for leaving you to make the nice decisions like ‘where shall we go today’ after a long beach walk come in from the cold to a roaring fire and an afternoon tea before retiring to your room to enjoy the peace and quiet that the countryside around Ridlington offers.

Barn & Beach’s Meadowside Barn bed & breakfast operation will be operating through summer autumn and into the winter, a great place to stay and enjoy whatever the season.

Holiday in North Norfolk with Barn & Beach



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