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Joining the hundreds, nay thousands, I just checked there are 2174 enteries, Barn & Beach got allocated number 505  on this challenge; take a peek

Click on the AtoZ Challenge box…….

Blogging about touristy things that happen in our region ‘Norfolk’ has been a casual dalliance for Barn & Beach for about two years, however, one Tuesday morning a twitter encounter changed that with a nosy enquirer asking another Tweep, “what you up to”?

The answer is 2014 AtoZ challenge, well it seemed a good idea at the time…

Before we go off on our rambles across this beautiful county, exploring its beaches, galleries, windmills and open countryside, I thought A should be used for A Big Thank You!

That is to the chaps or outfit as some may say who have put Barn & Beaches Beach Houses back together again, JA Plant Hire & Groundworks

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Precarious repair to the Seawall

On the 5th December 2013 the biggest tidal surge of the century tore a hole in our community, destroying peoples homes and livelihoods. The North Norfolk coast took a real pounding, our little part of the beach needed to be completely restructured to allow vehicle and therefore guest access.

Now almost five months later we are ready to welcome guests back to Beautiful North Norfolk to enjoy the sights and attractions I hope to blog about for the rest of the month.

It is a bit like the food chain, without the small/big guys repairing this coastline over the Winter and into Spring the rest just couldn’t work, where will the visitors stay? who will frequent the restaurants and pubs? visit the Farmers Markets? Museums, Galleries and all of those one off events like Open Gardens?

Without bringing political issues into the arena we knew the District Council, government etc. were never going to assist with the works, like so many broken down houses in our village we would still be waiting to be fixed, we formed a collective body and got the A Team in to work their magic, and how pretty it looks

The sea shimmers on a blue day like today Spring is in the air, Norfolk invites you all to come along for the ride.

A relaxing day fishing in North Norfolk
A relaxing day fishing in North Norfolk

5 thoughts on “A – Big Thank You”

  1. It looks like a beautiful place to visit. I always have enjoyed gazing upon the sparkly waters of the ocean. I am visiting as many people as I can with the A to Z Challenge, so I was just dropping by to say hello. Good luck!

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