A – Allotment

By Michael Martin On April 01, 2016 · Add Comment · A – Allotment

Allotment; Welcome to my Blogs; Plants, Produce and Ponderings from Norfolk England…

Allotment, Norfolk, england
welcome, c’mon in…..

This years A to z challenge really is going to be just that for me. Having completed the 2014 & 2015 challenges I feel this time a tad unprepared, I have to date few volunteer guest bloggers, I had hoped for lots of Norfolk ‘artisan’ producers to step up to the plate it make this one easy peasy!

The 1st of April, it is early spring and cold on the North Norfolk coast, my allotment is being prepared for the year ahead. It is situated about 500 meters from the beach, the wind whips across from the Urals, the defense is a traditional hawthorn hedge that has not yet come into leaf.  It is a great place to work off excess energy and think whilst digging in the organic matter and fighting the good fight with the weed army.

As you can see there isn’t much to see….

allotment, Norfolk, England
The Lotty

In my head, it is beautiful, the allotment,  I can see rows of vegetables interspersed with flowers that I can use as ‘cut flowers’ in the Bed & Breakfast and holiday homes I manage and call ‘work’ as a day job.

I can see fruit canes, Artichokes, pumpkins and courgettes interspersed with dahlias  an abundance of colour  is how it is in my minds eye. However, when I intimated this on social media recently I was met with the leveling comment “said every gardener ever“.

When not digging with my spade and fork, I hope to use the pen (as in the words of the legendary Seamus Heaney ; I’ll dig with it)

“I will be spending the month searching out some fabulous plants & gardens, also local produce from the farms and artisans and when there are none to be found I will be found ‘digging’ down ‘the lotty’. Come along with me?
Arichoke, Allotment




6 thoughts on “A – Allotment”

  1. I always liked the idea of having an allotment and growing my own fruit and vegetables. I wish I had the time to fit it in but I know I never would, maybe in a few years time :)

  2. We just bought a new home this year so I am excited to plant vegetables and herbs in all of my new little garden beds! Happy growing!
    Stopping by from A-Z!
    Brandy from B(e) Kind 366

  3. It is wonderful to have an allotment for vegetation. This reminds me of my grandparents who had an allotment for growing their own vegetables. This post brought back my memories with them. Will continue watching this space! :)

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